[ZWeb] zope-news RFC

george donnelly george@zettai.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 16:13:59 +0000

hi, as some of you know some people have been discussing set up a small
project for zope.org news, amplifying the zope weekly news.

ZC is apparently hesitant to give us a mailing list for the project for
reasons of bandwidth restrictions. Also, I got negative vibes from Sidnei
about setting up a wiki under the NZO project for the development of this

We can of course get  a private ad free reliable mailing list for nothing or
next to nothing as well as a wiki. What makes me hesitant is the apparent
lack of ZC buy-in.

what I'd like is some feedback from the interested parties as to how you
think we should go forward on this (given the situation).

Thanks. :)

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