[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: Richard Jones @ Zope dot Org

runyaga runyaga@myrealbox.com
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 19:58:37 -0500

Hi Richard.
line 331 of CallProfiler.py I ended up puting this in.
I was using Zope2.5, CMF1-2 and was getting errors.  this
has cured it.  I think someone has changed the meta_type
in CMF-1.2 from Filesystem Page Template to just Page Template, thus breaking stuff.

sorry I dont have access to diff on this box ;(

                    module = pm[info['meta_type']]
                    name = info['meta_type'].split()[1:]
                    module = pm[' '.join(name)]
                if hasattr(module, 'icon'):
                    info['icon'] = module.icon

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