[ZWeb] A tree in the Forest: Zopelabs

Bak @ kedai kedai@kedai.com.my
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 23:49:56 +0800

<snip snip>very healthy metrics for zope community.
>what is zopezen's traffic? zopenewbies traffice?  my-zope's traffice?  this
>data is very valuable.

my-zope.org traffic is very miniscule :P

>on another idea.  it would be nice for all of us to implement a banner
>system.  I know AndyM has shown disapproval about this.  but we need to
>'seem' like a normal thriving community and one element of that is
>cross-pollinating with banners.  I'm pretty anti web-ring as they are not

or the "side box" links
we can have a common pool of links that can be maintained/d/lded,  and use

>graphic oriented.  Banners provide 'random blips of informative data' and
>links to where the source of that data resides.  Maybe one day we can even
>share banners with other web development sites ;)  controlled
>cross-pollination like this is *good*.  RSS is just as *good* but I believe
>banners add
>a sense of tangible linkage that RSS, Web-Rings, or Hyperlinks just miss
>if you want to re-arrange the forest.  help out with the new.zope.org
>Zope-web maillist  -  Zope-web@zope.org