[ZWeb] Basic instructions for using ZCGI

Neil Burnett neil@efc.be
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 06:06:53 -0500

Hi & Happy New Year

Has anyone got a example of how ZCGI works? I am a little confused over where extensions should and shouldn't be used. I am working with Perl scripts. I assume I can name a ZCGIScript object something.pl (i.e. the same name as the actual script filename) so I don't need to change the imported HTML pages that use it. The cgifile property seems to insist on no extension (I wonder why, out of curiosity?)

I also get a  "Can not locate a COMSPEC environment variable to use as the shell" when trying to view or run the script. I have assumed that ZCGI knows about the PATH env variable in Windows, so I haven't modified the ZCGIExtMap property. The script runs fine in a command window.

This will be the product that helps me move old web sites to ZServer, so "Many Thanks" to haqa.