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Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sun, 20 Jan 2002 11:32:30 -0500

The "start.bat" file starts and stops the server.  By default it runs on 
port 8080.  Thus, go to the following URL:


This will give you the QuickStart page, with pointers to other material, 
examples, and the management screen.  The latter is a link to:


Login with the username and password you provided during the 
installation process.  You will then get the Zope managements screen.

After that, consider reviewing the Zope Book, which was published by New 
Riders and is available at:



Les Caraher (via www.zope.org) wrote:
> I do not know ANYTHING about zope.  I downloaded the windows .exe file and installed it.  Now what???  I can't get it to do anything.  I clicked on the start.bat file and a python screen comes up with some cryptic messages - then nothing happens.  I just want to look at the tutorial - which is in tar format not windows but this is not possible.
> Very frustrated and discouraged!!!
> Les Caraher
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