[ZWeb] Can Zope handle large websites? FTP Problems & Web logs

Jonagustine Lim jonagustine_lim@yahoo.com
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 12:59:48 -0800 (PST)

First of all, I'd like to say hi to everyone in this
group... My co-wokers and I have been looking at Zope
for a while now and are really impressed with the
capabilities and features that it has.  

We are building a fairly large new website (starting
at 5,000 users then ramping up to 40,000 users at
final deployment) and are seriously considering Zope
as one of our platform for the site.  

We've never before used Zope in any production
environment, small or large, but really like what we
see so far.  However, we would like to test it and get
a definite measurement of it's scalability before we
use it.  I was curious to see if anyone else has used
it in large scale environments and would really
appreciate some thoughts and any tips in what we need
for our own setup.

We will be testing Zope to see which web server it
runs best on.... IIS5, Apache and ZServer.  
We will be testing this using PCMag's WebBench
software and taking measurements during the test.

The first problem with this that I've run into is that
I'm having a hard time uploading the test files to
ZServer using the Medusa FTP service.  The test files
have an especially large and recursive directory
structure (60MB worth of data) and I consistently get
transfer errors sending the files, even after testing
it with a variety of FTP clients (WSFTP, FTP Explorer
and SmartFTP).  Is this a known bug with Medusa or am
I not doing something correctly?  

My Zope 2.4.3 installation is a default Zope
installation on a straight out of the box Dell
Poweredge 2500 Win2K Server. 

Also, I wanted to find out what others are isomg for
HTTP web request logs with Zope.  Does Zope have built
in web request logging features or do you rely on
apache or IIS's built in web logging to generate web
statistic reports?

Thank you in advance for any assistance with this.  



 Email:   jonagustine_lim@yahoo.com
 ICQ:     2084238

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