[ZWeb] eComm example structure for a beginner

Alan Runyan runyaga@runyaga.com
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 15:34:44 -0600

> Does anyone know of an example of an eCommerce web app that would give
> me an idea of the following:
> 1.  How a web site is organized overall

> 2.  How and where db data is accessed
? its stored where'ever the app puts it. 

> 3.  How you navigate to pages when forms are not involved and how to
> control where you want to navigate to from there.

uhm.  there is a <a href> tag that works quite well

> 4. Advise on which is the least expensive way to process credit cards.

I would suggest maybe using paypal

> I know this is an extensive request so without asking for someone to
> actually do my web for me :>),  I'm just basically trying to get my head
> around these issues.

look at miva.