[ZWeb] NZO updates? poking my head up. please dont chop it off. :)

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:46:12 -0400

> Its an interesting idea, but i think that we will be safer not
> using Z3 until
> it gets ready. Anyway, the migration path from CMF to Z3 is
> supposed to be
> really smooth, so lets wait and see :).
thanks sidnei.  I can follow that if you dont think we will need to rebuild
things for Z3.  What kind of time frame do you think there is for NZO and
for Z3?

Since there havent been any updates about NZO, can everyone kind of just
ping the list with updates/current status?
I dont even remember if there was a central blog to use, or what?
Include where we left off and what still needs to be done?
And what kind of downtime do people expect in the next 3 months to work on

I am the first to admit I havent done anything since the different sandboxes
were set up. I wasnt ready to setup my own sandbox in order to do some
development.  And migrating "software products" to use CMF/ZPT was a
deal-breaker for me in development since I have never used either one.

So I just started using ZPT, but yet to try CMF.  BTW, ZPT rocks!!! But I
need more time to see if CMF is for me. I guess if we dont make this as easy
as possible for everyone to participate then we cant move forward.

I hope to hear something back from those still interested in the project.
Maybe we can figure out how to regroup over the next couple months as summer
ends (for those in the Northern Hemisphere  ;)