[ZWeb] Re: NZO updates? poking my head up. please dont chop it off. :)

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com.br
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 13:06:01 -0300

On Quarta 31 Julho 2002 12:46, Trevor Toenjes wrote:
| > Its an interesting idea, but i think that we will be safer not
| > using Z3 until
| > it gets ready. Anyway, the migration path from CMF to Z3 is
| > supposed to be
| > really smooth, so lets wait and see :).
| thanks sidnei.  I can follow that if you dont think we will need to rebuild
| things for Z3.  What kind of time frame do you think there is for NZO and
| for Z3?

Well, the last time I spoke with Paul he was very busy packing things to leave 
ZC and head to EuroZope. He told me that theres an expectation of getting NZO 
done in 4-5 months. The problem is that ZC people are very busy and then they 
hadnt taken time to setup the new boxes and finish the migration script for 
the Zope.org content.

| Since there havent been any updates about NZO, can everyone kind of just
| ping the list with updates/current status?

Current status:

  * Skin: half working, but as Heimo pointed out, we could improve it a lot, 
it is too monochrome right now and too bloated.

  * Software Product (CMFPackage): I started to build this up as a product 
into the Collective project @ SF. However I hadnt finished it for a number of 

  * Sandboxes: The last time I tried to build a sandbox, I had some problems 
with CMF from CVS but they were fixed at that point. As we were fixing a lot 
of things into CMF in the last weeks, I havent tested again to see if it 
still works. 

  * ZC Boxes: I heard from someone that ZC was moving Zope.org to the new 
boxes last week. I dont know about the actual state, but if that is done, its 
a step forward for us.

I hope this helps to clear most of the issues. 


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