[ZWeb] NZO: Back2Work.

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Thu, 06 Jun 2002 09:25:43 -0400

Thanks for getting the ball rolling again, Sidnei!

For my status, I have time available over the next ten days to devote to 
some tasks.  If you'll do some priorities, I can pitch in.

How would you like to do this -- by putting things in the collector and 
making assignments?

One area that I'd like to follow through on: membership.  Since we have 
it fresh on our brain, so to speak, we should get a little more done 
before moving on to other things.


Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> Last week was a very busy week, also we had a holiday here in Brazil last 
> thursday so i could not get to you guys and coordinate NZO work. 
> But today is a new day and seems like we need to meet again and report each 
> others progress.
> Well, speaking of progress, here goes my list:
>   * Yesterday, I got on IRC with Paul and Jens and we managed to get CMFLdap 
> working on my sandbox.
> This is not a great list, but its a great improvement anyway ;)
> I would like to hear from Ausum how's going Software Product, and from Janko, 
> how he is doing with the Search Page. 
> We got some new people that are interested in helping, but we need to get all 
> status updated first, to set a milestone and go further, so i hope to hear 
> reports from you guys ASAP.
> PS: Also on this list are:
>   * Trevor
>   * Robert
>   * Seb
>   * Charl
>   * Olivier
> I didnt heard from this guys since the last IRC meeting. So, at least if they 
> give me a "Hi, im still breathing" i would be very happy. :)
> cheers....
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