[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: Urgent

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Fri, 14 Jun 2002 02:05:35 -0500

in future direct questions to zope@zope.org

look at the loadsite.py file that is in your Website directory.
view the source...

bin/python loadsite.py


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> Hello,
> I have a static site , which contains some .html, .gif & some flash files,
i don't know how to & where to host this files in zope (ie. in WebSite
> If I used u r tool then i have to upload all my files(which are around
400) one by one. So, is there any facility ,where i can directly copy my
folder in the subfolder of WebSite directory.
> Please remply me ASAP
> Regards
> Ajay
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