[ZWeb] Getting stuff reviewed at Zope.org ?

Erik Lange erik@mmmanager.org
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 10:20:39 +0200


We're a team of developers working on a product for Zope/CMF called My 
Media Manager.

How do we get a news-item reviewed and published on the Zope.org site ?

We have submitted news-items about our last two releases for review, but 
nothing seems to happen to these - on the other hand we see that other 
developers gets their news item published....

This strange behavior could be caused by two scenarios, as I see it:

1. Our news are found to be uninteresting by the reviewers - in this case I 
believe the reviewers should reject the submitted news, instead of keeping 
them pending for ever. It would be kind if we got some feedback on 
rejection, on why our items are rejected.

2. Other developers has reviewer rights on their own submissions - the 
question then is, why some developers have this higher status in the 
community - and how one becomes "trusted" developer...

The actual case is, that we submitted a news item on our 1.0 final release 
on the 13th. - since then several other news items have been published on 
the Zope.org site, items that have been created after the 13th., so it's 
not just a question of waiting for "our turn"...

Could someone please explain what's going on ?