[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: about "Mysql+Php"

Christian Theune ct@gocept.com
Wed, 19 Jun 2002 15:36:47 +0200


Thanks for looking into Zope.

1. Mysql

    There are some Zope Database Adapters for mysql, (ZMySQLDA if i remember correctly) that
    let you connect your Zope server to your database.

2. PHP

    Unfortunately you will need to rewrite your application, because Zope itself has no
    idea about interpreting php scripts. For the time inbetween i remember that there was
    some Zope product, that would let you run php scripts from inside zope. Try a search for
    "php" on zope.org.

3. For further questions about zope, you may want to try the Zope Users mailinglist at zope@zope.org,
    or if you look for german support, try the mailinglist at www.dzug.org 



* Renjie Mao (via www.zope.org) <maorjb@web.de> [020619 15:45]:
> hi,i use "Mysql+Php+Apache" as a Internet Datenbank. but i want to use Zope, and all php Programm do not work. I want to konw, how can "mysql-database" work in zope, what should i download and install. How can i use all my php-progamm in Zope. Should i rewrite all? thanks a lot!

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