[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: Welcome to Zope.org

Martijn Pieters mj@zope.com
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 23:03:23 -0400

On Sun, Jun 23, 2002 at 04:49:18PM -0400, Dr Ralph Wilson (via www.zope.org) wrote:
> Your link gave me some hope, so I am writing you to ask if you can give me
> information about what to do next.

Hi Ralph,

Sorry to dash your hopes; Zope is a web application platform, and OIO is
built on top of that. Unfortunately for you, that is where the connection
ends; Zope is Open Source and freely available, and the OIO team has chosen
to build their solution on top of our software, so we at Zope.org cannot
help you with questions pertaining to what the OIO builds.

However, the txoucomes.org site does make mention of a mailinglist; you
should be able to get answers to your questions on that list. The URL for
the 'Mailinglist' link is:


(SourceForge.net is a website for hosting Open SOurce projects; OIO uses the
infrastructure provided by SourceForge to support their development).

Hope this helps!

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