[ZWeb] A forest of Zope communities

Adrian Hungate adrian@haqa.co.uk
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 21:57:48 -0000

There is, IMHO, an important difference between community and committee. A
community is a group of people, with one or more similar interests, who
group together to (in this case) get a job done. A committee is a group of
people that meet to discuss what should be done, rather than actually
getting something done.

I have nothing against communities, but I have had no good experiences with

Just me 2c


The difficulty of tactical maneuvering consists in turning the devious into
the direct, and misfortune into gain.
- Sun Tzu

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> From: "Adrian Hungate" <adrian@haqa.co.uk>
> > I'll be honest with you here. As long as the redesign is going to be a
> > redesign by commitee, it will never achive its aims.
> Commitee is always hard, sure, but somehow most people seem to be able to
> work together in teams in their daily work. Why would this be impossible
> when creating a Zope community?
> > The only fruitful
> > answer for Zope as a whole is a forest of non-commitee designed sites in
> > which to hide zope.org. IMHO.
> Having to join 5 different community sites to get access to the knowledge
> the community is not a fruitful path. Is is a hindrance to getting an
> effective community.