IA for zope.org (was Re: [ZWeb] A forest of Zope communities)

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 19:40:11 +0000

Paul Everitt wrote:

> I'm certainly interested in input for how we fill out the IA. 

I have an incomplete site layout that I is a bit simpler than Pauls. I 
will keep working on it:

News & articles
    What is Zope? (Introductory article(s))
    Screenshots (Always the most favourite part)
    Job done, case closed! (Anecdotical evidence's)
    Technical features (Why is oodb's smart, why is it good to have a 
management interface built in, what is a cmf etc.)
    Develop with Zope
    The Zope Book
    Books in print
    Develop Zope
    Newest Zope
    Latest beta
    Featured products
    Mailing list

I will also write a short paper on how I think IA and web design that we 
can use as a basis to discuss from. It is also a way in which we can see 
if we see the world in the same way.

regards Max M