IA for zope.org (was Re: [ZWeb] A forest of Zope communities)

Max M maxm@mxm.dk
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 21:21:16 +0000

Martijn Pieters wrote:

>On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 07:40:11PM +0000, Max M wrote:
>>I have an incomplete site layout that I is a bit simpler than Pauls. I 
>>will keep working on it:
>>News & articles
>>   What is Zope? (Introductory article(s))
>>   Screenshots (Always the most favourite part)
>>   Job done, case closed! (Anecdotical evidence's)
>>   How-To's
>>   Technical features (Why is oodb's smart, why is it good to have a 
>>management interface built in, what is a cmf etc.)
>>   Develop with Zope
>>   The Zope Book
>>   Books in print
>>   Develop Zope
>>   Newest Zope
>>   Latest beta
>>   Featured products
>>   Products
>>   Members
>>   Mailing list
>>   Archives
>>I will also write a short paper on how I think IA and web design that we 
>>can use as a basis to discuss from. It is also a way in which we can see 
>>if we see the world in the same way.
>Where does the following currently available new.Zope.org content go?

>- Job board
>- Zope Solution Providers
>- Tips
>- IRC chats

Develop Zope

>- Zope related projects (fishbowl, Zope 3, etc).

I know my structure is incomplete but it is important that we don't try 
to do too many things on the site at once. My ideal is "The least amount 
of clicks for the biggest group of users" So Development of Zope is not 
a menu item to be featured prominently as it is only for a small group 
of really advanced users.

regards Max M