[ZWeb] Highliting data from multiple selection list

Mike Tran mtran@shufflemasterrd.com
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 14:11:57 -0700

Does anyone know how to highlite data from a multiple selection list?

I have a method called <agency_lookup> and a selection list
called "jurisdiction" . The "agency_lookup" method display all the 
agency_names in my agency table.   I also have a field called
agency_selected.  Agency_selected is a string in the DB that store all the 
agency name(s) that the user have selected. 

What i want to do is to highlite all the agency_name that are in the 
agency_selected record.  This is what i have so far but Zope does not like: 
<dtml-if  "agency_selected in agency_name">.  agency_selected is defined.  
Maybe just a syntax error. Can someone help please?  I appreciate any 

<select  name="jurisdiction:list" size="6" multiple>
<dtml-in agency_lookup>
<dtml-if  "agency_selected in agency_name">
<option value="<dtml-var agency_name>" selected><dtml-var 
<option value="<dtml-var agency_name>"><dtml-var agency_name></option>