Re(2): IA for (was Re: [ZWeb] A forest of Zope communities)

David McCuskey
Fri, 8 Mar 2002 09:50:13 -0800

On 02.4.03, Max enlightened me with:

>Paul Everitt wrote:

>News & articles
>    What is Zope? (Introductory article(s))
>    Screenshots (Always the most favourite part)
>    Job done, case closed! (Anecdotical evidence's)
>    How-To's
>    Technical features (Why is oodb's smart, why is it good to have a 
>management interface built in, what is a cmf etc.)
>    Develop with Zope
>    The Zope Book
>    Books in print
>    Develop Zope
>    Newest Zope
>    Latest beta
>    Featured products
>    Products

i just wanted to say that it's very difficult to find products the way
the current area is arranged - the categories are confusing and not well
defined. i know others who've experienced the same frustrations trying to
locate a product.

i'm not sure how to arrange things better  so that it's not so confusing,
but better categories would probably help. ( CPAN seems to work ). even
if products can be posted to multiple categories ( XML, email, Java, CMF )

in any event, it would help a lot if the products area was searchable. my
current method of searching is changing the batch size greater than the
number of products, getting the results, and using my browser's Find
function. this is certainly not resource efficient, and not using the
capabilities of zope at all...