[ZWeb] dtml-if nested statement

Mike Tran mtran@shufflemasterrd.com
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:32:08 -0700

Hi ,

 I want to check variables A,B, and C on my form to see if they are all true
 before i call on a method to update the database.  Can someone show me how
 to do something similar to this please?

 <dtml-if "A and B and C ">  <!--if A, B, and C are true then...-->
 <dtml-call SQLinsertData>
 <h3>Missing Data:</h3>
 <dtml-unless A>
 <LI><dtml-var A></LI>
 <dtml-unless B>
 <LI><dtml-var B></LI>
 <dtml-unless C>
 <LI><dtml-var C></LI>