[ZWeb] New zope.org mockups !!

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
12 Mar 2002 13:11:39 +0000

> > This is simply because MaxM is producing the Information Architecture
> stage
> > which may have an impact on the actual designs required.
> I do not agree a lot... On my point of view, graphic design and content
> archictecture are 2 different things.
> Yes, there might be some graphic elements that are directly linked to the
> content architecture, but that might not change the "spirit" of a web
> design. For a given site kind (here, a community website), graphic designer
> knows the kind of site he has to make.
> WebDesign and Architecture can be 2 parallel and concurrent tasks. Once
> finished, anything can be modified on the WebDesign part.

Perhaps I should qualify what I think:  'Look And Feel' can happen
parallel to IA efforts, but the production of the final templates should
wait.  Otherwise, when we find that the 'News Box' should be horizontal,
at the top of the page, because some testing found this was the best
place, then there has been some design effort wasted at the
implementation stage.

However, I do think that IA *can* feed into the Look and Feel, though
not necessarily.  Things like font, top banner, etc are likely to be
independent of this; however, if we decide we need to cram in as many
links as possible into the home page, then the design will have to
accomodate this, e.g. by using smaller fonts, fewer graphics.  If we
decide we want 2 words on every page, the design should balance this out

> This is my point of view. We can discuss it.

I'm not dogmatic about it either ;-)  Most important is that some work
actually gets done *at all*, and you are making a big effort towards
this.  I am interested in discussing good practice in its own right.  In
particular, the problems of developing something across the community
are very different from those I encounter in normal consulting gigs. 
I'm looking forward to seeing how our collective "project management"
develops over time.