[ZWeb] New zope.org mockups !!

Olivier Deckmyn odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr
Tue, 12 Mar 2002 14:24:09 +0100

> > I do not agree a lot... On my point of view, graphic design and content
> > archictecture are 2 different things.
> > Yes, there might be some graphic elements that are directly linked to
> > content architecture, but that might not change the "spirit" of a web
> > design. For a given site kind (here, a community website), graphic
> > knows the kind of site he has to make.
> > WebDesign and Architecture can be 2 parallel and concurrent tasks. Once
> > finished, anything can be modified on the WebDesign part.
> Perhaps I should qualify what I think:  'Look And Feel' can happen
> parallel to IA efforts, but the production of the final templates should
> wait.  Otherwise, when we find that the 'News Box' should be horizontal,
> at the top of the page, because some testing found this was the best
> place, then there has been some design effort wasted at the
> implementation stage.

Agree 100%

> However, I do think that IA *can* feed into the Look and Feel, though
> not necessarily.  Things like font, top banner, etc are likely to be
> independent of this; however, if we decide we need to cram in as many
> links as possible into the home page, then the design will have to
> accomodate this, e.g. by using smaller fonts, fewer graphics.  If we
> decide we want 2 words on every page, the design should balance this out
> too...

Agree 100%

My initiative was mainly to find the "spirit" of the graphic design. This
done, everybody agreeing, building the final design may be a piece of cake
;-) (it's "only" a matter of technic)

> > This is my point of view. We can discuss it.
> I'm not dogmatic about it either ;-)  Most important is that some work
> actually gets done *at all*,

Agree 200%

> and you are making a big effort towards
> this.  I am interested in discussing good practice in its own right.  In
> particular, the problems of developing something across the community
> are very different from those I encounter in normal consulting gigs.

The main danger to my eyes is the lack of motivation across the months. One
must find a way to motivate and imply the community.

> I'm looking forward to seeing how our collective "project management"
develops over time.

Me too ;-)