[ZWeb] Re: IA for zope.org

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 11:01:59 -0500

In the note below, Lennart refines what MaxM proposed as an IA. 
Lennart's note was 26 days ago, which is plenty of time for debate.  I 
propose that we adopt its structure and intent, and declare the basic 
approach of the IA to be settled enough to take the next steps.

We also had a round of design mockups along with vote collecting, 
courtesy of Olivier and IngeniWeb.  Since the highest vote-getter also 
happens to be the one I like the most, I propose that we focus on it. :^)

Thus, I believe we can move to the next phase.  On the IA side, I'd like 
to work with MaxM and Lennart to get final agreement on the specifics of 
each axis, and with Olivier to have this reflected into a Plone skin.

I propose that we have a zope.org day sometime next week, where we have 
some dedicated IRC time.  We can have a session in the morning (for 
Europeans) and in the afternoon (for west coast people).

I think we are close to concluding an important step!


Lennart Regebro wrote:
> I wouldn't mind having two different paths to the content, one according to
> type, and one on the intended audience. It would require two separate menus,
> and to make it clear that they are unrelated one should in that case be
> organized vertically and one horizontally. Something like this:
> -----------------
> ZOPE       Newbies     Webmasters    Developers     Members    Search
> News
> Documentation
>    How-To's
>    Technical features
>    The Zope Book
>    Books in print
> Download
>    Newest Zope
>    Latest beta
>    Featured products
>    Products
> Community
>    Members
>    Mailing list
>    Archives
> ------------------
> Under "Newbies" you would find things like:
> Introduction/What is Zope
> Getting started
> Under Webmasters:
> DTML-Manual (ie direct link to the relevant parts of the Zope book, I guess)
> ZPT-manuals (------"-------)
> Most popular products
> Frequently asked questions
> Join the zope-list
> Under Developers:
> Getting started with ZClasses
> Setting up a good python development environment
> ZClasses manual
> Developers manual
> Join the zope-list
> Under Members:
> Join
> Login
> Under Search:
> Possibility to search only how-tos, only products and so on...
> I do see a difference between "webmasters" and "developers", ie between the
> people that create sites and the people that create products. Maybe this
> difference doesn't really exist, but I do think that there is a huge
> difference between these two things, and it would be quite possible to split
> this.
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