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seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
03 May 2002 18:10:24 +0100

Hi Charl,

Thanks for your offer of help.  There is currently underway an effort to
redo zope.org.  The areas we are concentrating are:

- Design
- Information Architecture (subject trees, section owners)
- Functionality Enhancements

Roughly in that order, with the enhancements far lower priority than the
rest, since we are trying to keep to 'quick wins' at the moment.

I've been too busy to be involved recently, but it's really important
that people with energy try to do as much as they can when they have
time.  Otherwise efforts like this die out too easily.

So, please dive in, and start doing things - we need action!


has most of the information you need.


On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 21:41, Charl wrote:
> Hello there!
> I have come a lot in touch with Zope the last months, and the idea 
> came up to be of help with the Zope project. Though I know nothing
> of python, I do know a lot about web design and programming for the
> web. 
> Therefore it would be nice if I could help you guys (gals?) with 
> the Zope website(s)!
> I have talked a bit with Martijn on IRC, and he gave me this mail
> address. Hope to hear from you soon!
> -- Charl
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