[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Migration armageddon

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Tue, 07 May 2002 17:06:20 -0400

Howdy.  I'd like to put an issue in front of the nzo team and get some 

We have a big and scary challenge facing nzo.  Getting content out of 
czo (current zope.org) and into nzo (new.zope.org) has turned into a pit 
of despair.  The next step isn't clear.

Background information: czo has a bunch of Zope 2.3 objects, mostly as 
ZClasses and stock zope objects.  There are special cases and business 
rules that have accumulated over the years that make it a challenge to 
get a grip on what's there.

Likewise, there is a nzo software setup that is really different from 
nzo (CMF/Zope 2.5.x), also with some of its own business rules.

We need to get content from czo -> nzo in a repeatable way.  Presumably 
this means multiple passes as we go throught milestones on the way to 

To facilitate this, Tres' team here wrote some migration scripts that 
try to express all the exceptional conditions and business rules for the 
transformation.  This migration script *used* to work.  It doesn't work 
now.  ChrisM spent two days trying to address this and ran into all 
kinds of nasty things.

Here's the challenge: we've now used up the allotted time for Chris and 
we can't migrate the czo content.

It appears that these are some of the options:

a. Wait (for an indeterminate amount of time) for Chris to become 
available again.

b. Try to run nzo in parallel with czo and find someone to provide links 
between the two.

c. Somebody think up a different approach to migration.

I'm open to suggestions on this.  Realistic suggestions are preferred. :^)