[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Migration armageddon

Charl tinoyb@hotmail.com
Sun, 5 May 2002 23:15:52 +0200

I have a suggestion. How about making a general to-do list for all
activities the will have to take place considering nzo.
On this list, we can display a lot of information, for example the
person working on it, and ofcourse the progress. After an item
is marked 'beta-finished' by the person involved in it, as many people
as possible test it.
If it comes out of the tests successfully ( eventually :] ) it is
marked permenentely as 'finished'.

-- Charl

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Subject: [ZWeb] DISCUSS: Migration armageddon

> Howdy.  I'd like to put an issue in front of the nzo team and get some
> input.
> We have a big and scary challenge facing nzo.  Getting content out of
> czo (current zope.org) and into nzo (new.zope.org) has turned into a pit
> of despair.  The next step isn't clear.
> Background information: czo has a bunch of Zope 2.3 objects, mostly as
> ZClasses and stock zope objects.  There are special cases and business
> rules that have accumulated over the years that make it a challenge to
> get a grip on what's there.
> Likewise, there is a nzo software setup that is really different from
> nzo (CMF/Zope 2.5.x), also with some of its own business rules.
> We need to get content from czo -> nzo in a repeatable way.  Presumably
> this means multiple passes as we go throught milestones on the way to
> launch.
> To facilitate this, Tres' team here wrote some migration scripts that
> try to express all the exceptional conditions and business rules for the
> transformation.  This migration script *used* to work.  It doesn't work
> now.  ChrisM spent two days trying to address this and ran into all
> kinds of nasty things.
> Here's the challenge: we've now used up the allotted time for Chris and
> we can't migrate the czo content.
> It appears that these are some of the options:
> a. Wait (for an indeterminate amount of time) for Chris to become
> available again.
> b. Try to run nzo in parallel with czo and find someone to provide links
> between the two.
> c. Somebody think up a different approach to migration.
> I'm open to suggestions on this.  Realistic suggestions are preferred. :^)
> --Paul
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