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Wed, 8 May 2002 04:33:37 -0500

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From: "Paul Everitt" <paul@zope.com>

> This is a good discussion to have!
> We currently have two underused facilities for this:
> 1) Tasks are managed by the bug collector at:
>    http://collector.zope.org/ZopeOrg
> 2) Large initiatives (like projects) would be described in the Wiki
>    http://www.zope.org/projects/nzo/FrontPage

A general tasks list - not necessarily taken from the collector -
should help to keep the scope of what it's needed to be done, provided
every task unit describes:

- Time estimations for its completion.
- What previous tasks it depends on.
... etcetera (include here Charl's ideas)

This means we need at least a minimum exposure to the project
management insides, (like this list and a Gantt diagram, in addition
to the milestones), in order to easily make to know to newcomers what
the tasks to be done are *in the context* of every other existing one.
Although sometimes considered bureaucracy, I think this is the best
way to go since we'll work remotely, and because of that we won't meet
and coordinate as frequently as we'd like to. Also, as a result, just
by seeing a graphical representation of the current advance of the
whole project, newcomers would focus on precise tasks that need to be
done, and which are suitable to their skills and available time,
instead of  figuring ideas about subjects already accomplished or
maybe too sensible to changes - because they are in the critical
path -.

The issue collector doesn't tell about what's already done and what is
still subject to change - in terms of information architecture, for
example-, and my personal experience was "becasue I can't understand
at the very first sight how you people use the collector, I'll take
for granted that the IA is already done and untouchable, so at least
give me any little task to make my day".   :)  New volunteers, not
familiar to software developing, could right now been driven away.


> What both lack, and what any new system would require, is human
> attention.  This is a critical role for a project like this.
> needs to make sure that items are assigned, followed-up on, etc.
> By the way, according to the time on your email, you are living two
> in the past. :^)
> --Paul
> Charl wrote:
> > I have a suggestion. How about making a general to-do list for all
> > activities the will have to take place considering nzo.
> > On this list, we can display a lot of information, for example the
> > person working on it, and ofcourse the progress. After an item
> > is marked 'beta-finished' by the person involved in it, as many
> > as possible test it.
> > If it comes out of the tests successfully ( eventually :] ) it is
> > marked permenentely as 'finished'.
> >
> > -- Charl
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