[ZWeb] FYI: Some cleanup on current zope.org

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Thu, 09 May 2002 10:09:30 -0400

Good point, and fixed.  If anybody has any other tasklets, lemme know.

FWIW, to give an idea how monstrous current zope.org has become, here is 
the snippet in index_html that inserts the spotlight into the TD:

<dtml-with Documentation>
  <dtml-with Articles>
   <dtml-with expr="_.getitem(current)">
    <TD WIDTH="1" BGCOLOR="#6699CC" ROWSPAN="2"><IMG 
SRC="Images/spacer.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" BORDER="0"></TD>
    <TD VALIGN="TOP" CLASS="righttitle"><H2 CLASS="righttitle"><a
    CLASS="righttitle" href="&dtml-absolute_url;"><dtml-var title></a></TD>
     <dtml-if photo_url>
     <dtml-var expr="_.getitem(photo_url).tag(align='right')">

     <b>By <dtml-var Author><br>

     <dtml-var Description fmt="structured-text"></p>
     <br><a href="&dtml-absolute_url;" class="welcomelink">More...</a>


Cool, eh? :^)

seb bacon wrote:
>> In the next few days I'll be putting BeeHive's Zope Mag in the 
>> spotlight.  I'll need to queue up the next spotlight and try to get 
>> into a better rotation.
> In the meantime, could I suggest *not* putting the date with the 
> spotlight?  I've had a couple of non-Zopers commenting on the August 
> 2001 date currently displayed :-)
> seb