[ZWeb] Sandbox for NewZopeOrg

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Wed, 15 May 2002 15:45:26 -0400

Update: my stuff is checked in, although it doesn't reflect any changes 
that Olivier is making on new.zope.org:15080.

Sidnei and I both have writeable checkouts now for ZopeOrg-NG (the nzo 
specific part of the sandbox process).  We are going through the process 
right now to work through some of the bugs.



Sidnei da Silva wrote:
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> Howdy again.
> Just finished setting up the my Sandbox here. Now i am waiting for Paul to 
> checkin the nzo skin into cvs.zope.org so we can start right out of the box.
> Anyone interested on using this sandbox for experimentation please ask me and 
> i will create an account. I will be on irc for another 4 hours from now. 
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