[ZWeb] some questions

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Thu, 16 May 2002 06:49:34 -0400

Robert Rottermann wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> the following points are not to clear to me and I think you are the
> originator:
> -Question one:
> o Do we really need all those tables (waahhh)
> I do not find any easy to remove table in local_html.
> Is this the right file I am checking?
> Removing tables here means rather heavy surgery with the page structure.

After that note, I subsequently removed the tables.

> Should we not define metal:macros when touching the page?

I don't understand this question...

> - Question two
> o Better emphasize Python in the skin (and local_html)
> There is no mentioning of Python at all????

Right.  The local_html (now in CVS as skeleton/local_html.pt) should 
promote Python, as should something in the main_template.  For instance, 
the Python Powered! logo.

Thanks for looking into these, Robert!  Do you have any interest in 
setting up a sandbox?