[ZWeb] FYI: Status of sandboxes

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Thu, 16 May 2002 08:26:00 -0400

Howdy all.  A quick status, mostly of interest to those thinking about 
doing sandboxes.

Yesterday Sidnei and I went through the whole process of setting up a 
sandbox, then setting up a read-write checkout of ZopeOrg-NV, and each 
making some changes.  He and I are now committing changes into CVS for 
nzo.  Progress!

As a side note, ChrisM has done a wonderful job with the sandbox 
machinery and the instructions.

This morning I took Trevor's product page mockup and converted it to 
basic ZPT, then checked in the page and the images.  There's still a 
fair bit to do on it.  None of the data are generated dynamically yet, 
obviously, as the software product Product will have to change.

I *think* the following people are working on getting sandboxes going:

   o Paul, Sidnei, Janko, Robert, hopefully Trevor, Ausum, and Olivier


Regarding the cluster itself, we are hoping to relocate the boxes in the 
next week to the hosting site.  Right now we are seeing weird things 
with the migrated content, such as the site hanging when you point ab at 
it.  On the good side, some of the pages are getting 50 rps on each 
processor when the actions bar and breadcrumbs are removed from the 
skin.  As long as each processor can cough up 10 rps, I'll feel comfortable.