[ZWeb] The move goes on - NZO Design modifications

Olivier Deckmyn odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr
Thu, 16 May 2002 15:10:57 +0200

Hi there,

I've spent several hours on nzo yesterday and today :

You can see this 2 gif files :


(Notation : * : fix ; + : add ; - : remove ; o : still to do)

 (*) css font sizes. It's back to "pt" notation. This is the only way to get
a coherent website look.
 (*) H1, H2, H3 have more usual sizes
 (*) CSS clean-up
 (*) #326699  color was replaced everywhere by #336699, which is web-safe
and is the same color to my eyes.
 (*) Changed user bar a:hover color. I used a brown as the orange was
difficult to read with the gray background.
 (+) added bullets on side menu bar. One could use <LI> tag with a bitmap in
the CSS. Last time I tried, it became weird, depending on browser. If
someone is candidate to make a try.
 (+) added footer bar as it was on the mockup
 (*) slogan -> 10pt bold
 (-) Removed html, body, etc. blocks in local_html at root. I wonder why
it's here ? Is local_html technic the good way to play with ZPT ?? Should'nt
we prefer macro or something ?
 (-) Remove "[more...]" button on titles of "Announcement", "News", etc.
It's the same as left bar now (H1 is clickable). I also added a centered
"[more...]" link at bottom of section too. Code is much simpler now.
 (*) Re-organised "Top Ressources" section. Removed date (was not useful
here ???), added small sentence (today's top 5) and the ressources list has
anoter format (minor changes)
 (*) Did a full cleanup of code for news items. It's a much more usual look
now. Made some modifications to css (#newsarea)
 (o) Have a look to actions_bar. As it was removed from html source, I'll
wait until it's back
 (o) Please don't use <font> nor direct <xxx style=""> inside your HTML code
     1/ Use a specifier css class or style or  id
     2/ If there is no css definition for your style, declare and use a
local css style (like in nzo Download section)
 (o) Suggestion : I would remove the word "location" in breadcrumb, and
would not display it at all on home page (would be only "Home" link). Votes
 (o) local_css.css : I would like to remove specific parts of the css from
main css file (and think about css of sitemap.html inside main css for
example), and have a simple acquisition system like for local_html.
 (o) I wonder if the "[more...]" gif file is a good idea ? If we use a gif,
let's make it visual (an arrow, or something like
http://www.welie.com/patterns/images/tog-outgoinglinks.gif )

I hope I didn't forgot to mention a modification.

The site looks fine to me on IE6, Mozilla, NS4.
NS4 just don't have horizontal grey bars under sections names (I don't think
it's a problem).

Hope that helps.