[ZWeb] DISCUSS: To hell with tables

Olivier Deckmyn odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr
Thu, 16 May 2002 17:37:28 +0200

Quotes :

> Are you saying that HTML tables are dead?

No. There are good and bad uses for HTML tables. One good use is to create a
multi-column layout. ALA was able to do a two-column layout without tables,
but a three-column layout is not particularly easy to do with CSS alone,
though it is planned for CSS-3. (For more about that, see the companion
article.) [Update: Actually, creating three-paneled, liquid layouts in CSS-1
is not nearly as hard as we originally thought. But we'll save that for
another article.]

On the other hand, using nested tables to simulate a one-pixel border around
an area, or using a table to create a background color for text, is no
longer necessary once you use Style Sheets. And frankly, it's much easier to
type <div class="menu"> than to spend your life debugging HTML table cells.


This is what we did, or at least intented to do :-)
We use tables for main layout (3 columns), and <div> everywhere we can...

Again, as we are not perfect, one might find mistakes in our implementation.

I'm ok to try to remove unnecessary tables (I mean I agree, not that I have
time to do it today !)

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> That's the title of a link on the page Olivier sent.  Here's the article:
>    http://www.alistapart.com/stories/tohell/
> I looked at it in Netscape, then looked at it in lynx and links.  Looks
> plain but readable.  They even tell us how to do it.
> I'd love, love, love to kick the table habit.  +1, anybody?
> --Paul
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