[ZWeb] The move goes on - NZO Design modifications

Ausum. ausum_studio@hotmail.com
Thu, 16 May 2002 15:25:22 -0500

I agree that there's nothing bad with the left bar, Charl.   :)

But I'm sure there is people who would prefer not to have a collection
of links all the time at almost all pages, provided they don't need
them *all the time*, and if they prefer to see more content for the
same window area.

That's why I talked about an *option* for authenticated users. If you
don't like to have HierMenus, you just leave it like that. If you feel
comfortable with them, you would need to set it up in Preferences.


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> > - To consider the use of HierMenus (or its free clones) as an
> > for authenticated users, to make them have more room for content
> > totally removing the left bar.
> HierMenus? NEVEEEEER!!!! ;)
> Nothing wrong with the left bar!
> -- Charl
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