[ZWeb] dtml-var sql_delimiter

Mike Tran mtran@shufflemasterrd.com
Tue, 21 May 2002 08:27:49 -0600

Thanks.  I've read quite a few online docs, howtos, and examples on 
sql_delimiter but none of them mention that.  Most of them said that 
sql_delimiter is use like a semicolon in SQL. 

On Mon 20 May 02 20:03, you wrote:
> On Mon, 20 May 2002, Mike Tran wrote:
> > I was able to do each select statement seperately, but when combined I
> > get a Query Error:  "Multiple select schema not allowed"
> This error is explicit.  What it doesn't tell you is what subsystem
> generated the error.  That is, the problem isn't in mysql or the
> DA, the issue is that ZSQL methods can only handle one select
> statement at a time.  You can have multiple non select statements
> (eg: multiple updates or inserts), but at most one select.
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> under resources).  This quesiton is appropriate for that forum.
> --RDM

Mike Doanh Tran
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