[ZWeb] FYI: New spotlight ready for review

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Mon, 11 Nov 2002 19:59:59 -0600

> how can we help here?  so that we have zope news at a frequency we can be
> proud of?

I think the only way is to create some mechanism to collect news items.
billa has mentioned this before.  But there needs to be some mechanism
for people to submit news items (very easily) and for someone to
organize them.  I would assume we could wire up all "published" news items
at plone.org have the contents mailed to some list and I'm sure we could
do something like this for most sites.  Once they have some News published
it sends a email to a list.

This is the simplest thing I can think of.  Then the news person only has one
to look at to organize the contents for the next newsletter.  As I only have
access to the innards of plone.org we can do this.  Also each product
that is approved for the downloads page could email to the mailing list.

What does everyone think of this approach?  I'm sure we can either setup a new
mailing list at zope.org (or high jack a dead one -- like zope-skins mailing
It takes a shitload of effort to keep something moving.  but if we get enough
people to inject mailouts into key points of the zope community we may have
a fighting chance.