[ZWeb] FYI: New spotlight ready for review

Bakhtiar A Hamid kedai@kedai.com.my
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:12:25 +0800

On Tuesday 12 November 2002 09:59, alan runyan wrote:
> > how can we help here?  so that we have zope news at a frequency we ca=
n be
> > proud of?
> I think the only way is to create some mechanism to collect news items.
> billa has mentioned this before.  But there needs to be some mechanism
> for people to submit news items (very easily) and for someone to
> organize them.  I would assume we could wire up all "published" news it=
> at plone.org have the contents mailed to some list and I'm sure we coul=
> do something like this for most sites.  Once they have some News publis=
> it sends a email to a list.
> This is the simplest thing I can think of.  Then the news person only h=
> one place
> to look at to organize the contents for the next newsletter.  As I only
> have access to the innards of plone.org we can do this.  Also each prod=
> that is approved for the downloads page could email to the mailing list=
> What does everyone think of this approach?  I'm sure we can either setu=
p a
> new mailing list at zope.org (or high jack a dead one -- like zope-skin=
> mailing list).
> It takes a shitload of effort to keep something moving.  but if we get
> enough people to inject mailouts into key points of the zope community =
> may have a fighting chance.
> ~runyaga

this is a great idea.  having news mailed out to one particular collector=
help the news person's life easier.  also, mailing the url, title, desc o=
stuff (prods, howtos, tips) cataloged would be of help too.

and i think this won't involve major upgrade, coding, etc?
and can be done quickly


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