[ZWeb] FYI: New spotlight ready for review

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 06:38:33 +0100

Alas, it's a human issue.  Someone has to sit down and put some honest 
work into writing the words.  Since open source is about scratching 
your own itch, and since writing news for other people doesn't scratch 
too many itches, it's something that isn't attractive to people.

So to answer your question: we need more authors.  I'll finish this 
one, and I'll agree to be ringleader on the next one.  But I'd like 
some cohorts in crime.

Here's what I need to finish this one:

a. I'm waiting for a trip report from Jim regarding India.  (I could 
probably skip this one...)

b. I want to have an "In the blogs" section to point attention over to 
ZopeZen, Zope Newbies, ZopeLabs, etc.  I sent Adam Kendall a note 
asking for information to profile ZopeLabs.

c. I have four items under "Upcoming events" that I need to put some 
text with (should take about ten minutes).

d. I need to go through zope-announce, summarize the top X items 
(probably 20), and provide links to the announcement archive.  Ugh.

e. Same for new/updated products on zope.org.  Double ugh.  ** Note!!  
I'm probably not going to do this!! **


On mardi, nov 12, 2002, at 01:55 Europe/Paris, Bakhtiar A Hamid wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 November 2002 00:20, Paul Everitt wrote:
>> If you *really* want to see bizarre...I'm 80% done with a new Zope
>> News.  Man, that last 20% sucks. :^)
>> --Paul
> how can we help here?  so that we have zope news at a frequency we can 
> be
> proud of?
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