[ZWeb] erm assumptions

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 10:50:57 -0500

well, it wouldn't be very different from zopezen, for example, except that
it would be on zope.org :)

it would be the ZWN but in bitsize and timely pieces. having one person do a
monstrous ZWN from time to time is a daunting task. but if you make it
doable in bite-size pieces its more doable and might attract more

this could be interfaced to a mailing list and people could choose to get
the new postings by email immediately (bite-size pieces) or as a weekly
digest (=the original ZW(eekly)News). the weekly digest could be sent out
far and wide. :)

as far as the editorial part, there could be an editorial team. I'm willing
to be a part of this and even lead it. I think the coding of the app would
be trivial. click up a new Type in CMF, click up a workflow, code a catalog
query for the main inside page, perhaps change how the news box is made,
make a python script that sends it to a mailing list and set up the mailing
list. this is 4 hours work tops (I'll do it, too.)

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> From: Paul Everitt <paul@eurozope.org>
> Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 15:43:10 +0100
> To: george donnelly <list@zettai.net>
> Cc: alan runyan <runyaga@runyaga.com>, "Zope.org Mailinglist"
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> Subject: Re: [ZWeb] erm assumptions
> How would this be different than the existing Zope blogs?
> The current Zope (Weak-ly) News is an email message that has editorial
> summaries of things that are happening.  Thus, in addition to a blog,
> we still need:
> 1) An email version.
> 2) The editorial part.
> 3) Once produced, we need to blast it out to places far and wide.
> Regarding the original note about assumptions, if someone else is
> writing the news, that's fine with me.
> --Paul