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george donnelly george@zettai.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:08:15 -0500

> However, like someone allready noted, the propblem is - whose ideas
> they are and what subjects are discussed, ergo who is the speaker?
> Zope Corp? Zope community? God?

I guess that's up to Zope Corp to decide but I was under the impression that
Zope.org was mainly for the community and that this would be done under the
auspices and for the beneift of and by the community; well, mainly anyway.

> One idea for this would be to make a clear concept for the weekly
> news, create a editorial policy and make it known to all for example
> making a page to zope.org where is written the policy, publishing
> principles and about the editors, and also info on how to contribute
> and share the fame.


> In concept there should be a structure for each weekly news-letter,
> just like in magazine. Meaning the editorial work would simply be just
> to fill each slot weekly by the guidelines decided by editorial team.
> Example idea for structure:
> From the editor ( a word from the main editor about this issue )
> Zope Products:
> New products, new versions or product tutorials
> Around the world / community:
> Pointers to interesting articles on other sites, blogs etc.
> Hot topics:
> What have been issues of discussion on mailing-lists? ( zope-list,
> CMF, Zope - dev )
> This would have pointers to discussions, but also edited material
> about the discussions - meaning opinions of what is the theme in
> discussion / development.

This is interesting but personally I see this as a more webloggish type
project. that's just my personal preference. Perhaps your topics could be
subject areas for the weblog?

>> as far as commitment, well I'm stepping up to the plate. Who else?
> I have a lot of commitments with Paul now, but I could contribute from
> time to time so be a member of team, unfortunately I can't guarantee
> being most active member.

If we get 20 people who can contribute a 30 minutes per week, then that 10
hours per week of man-hours. not too bad.
> This is a great idea and I support it with +15 and a half. ,-)
> -huima

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