[ZWeb] erm assumptions

george donnelly george@zettai.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 15:12:10 -0500

>> This is interesting but personally I see this as a more webloggish type
>> project. that's just my personal preference. Perhaps your topics could be
>> subject areas for the weblog?
> Yep, could be. We are talking almost about the same thing - devil is
> just in the details.

agreed :)

> I view this in sense that blog weblog format is wrong. Meaning that
> this newsletter would be like the place where people look into to find
> the interesting parts available in other sources, blogs, mailinglists
> etc. And not take the status away from these personal portals and blogs.

Why would a weblog on zope.org take status away from or pre-empt other
people's weblogs? There's lots of space in the weblog world, esp in the zope
one where we only have zopezen (zope newbies seems to talk about topics
other than zope most of the time). You might want to read up on some of the
lit out there on using weblogs in business, eg:


> As an example, if one slot is Zope products - and there people present
> different products ( new and old ) and how they can be used - it would
> help people to get the most out of good products, share possibly even
> best practices and keep out of things that don't work anymore or are
> considered even harmful. This kind of information is something that is
> not available anywhere.

> In my thoughts I see that this newsletter would create more audiences
> for the important things and get people to see the good stuff in all
> the great Zope portals and blogs. Problem being now that it requires a
> lot of time to go through all the places, and it can even be
> frustrating to go over and over again to zopezen and see that there is
> nothing new.

right, its PR tool really. as well as being a clearer lens through which to
look at zope.org

> This way there would still be a lot of interest for people to create
> own Zope blogs and sites, since Zope news letter is not competing
> against them -- rather than being a place where you want to be seen,
> so that more people will follow links and come also to see your site
> and your articles.
right but isn't that the way the blog world works? there are som big blogs
like kuro5hin, slashdot and metafilter that cover everything in their
domains and they have a large userbase, many people participate bc as you
say they want to be seen or whatever. Zope lacks this. Zope.org ZWN blog can
be it.

Anyway I'm not sure why anyone would think that the ZWN or zope.org news
would compete with zopezen and if it did why it would matter? the community
needs its own news and this in no way pre-empts other people from doing
their own stuff with their own priorities and voices.
> -huima