[ZWeb] erm assumptions

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 09:48:18 +0100

On mercredi, nov 13, 2002, at 21:12 Europe/Paris, george donnelly wrote:
> Anyway I'm not sure why anyone would think that the ZWN or zope.org 
> news
> would compete with zopezen and if it did why it would matter? the 
> community
> needs its own news and this in no way pre-empts other people from doing
> their own stuff with their own priorities and voices.

My point of view is that it isn't a question about competing with them, 
it's a question about supporting them.  When people show the initiative 
to create something -- just as you are doing now -- it would be nice to 
be rewarded by having an important role in the community.

Still, my overriding concern is the creation of more infrastructure.  
Zope.org is already 5,000% overcapacity on the responsibilities it has 
signed up for.  I'm personally against have anything new done in the 
sphere of zope.org until the situation gets under control.

However, both paragraphs above can also mean I'll support you if you 
create something.  I'd prefer that you support an existing effort in 
the community.  But if you can do better than ZopeZen and, most 
importantly, if you start producing the Zope News, then cool!