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Here is a version of Carlos' news processed through lynx.  Some of  
material would be changed to not have a URL alone by itself with a  
footnote in front, but it gives the basic idea.


                         Zope News for November 13, 2002

    Five months is a long time to be without Zope News. Lots of things
    have happened during this time: Zope 2.6 was finally released, ZEO  
    and ZODB 3.1 are also ready, the first alpha for Zope 3 is coming,
    Plone and CMF continue to shine and Zope won Linux Journal's 2002
    Editors' Choice Award for Best Enterprise App Server. Here is one
    attempt to sum up these past five moths of Zope history.

Zope 2.6

    The latest version of Zope was officially released on October 18,
    almost six months after the 2.5.1 release (on April 23), which has to
    be the logest time we've ever had to wait for a new Zope version.

    2.6 is the first Zope release with a large number of community
    contributions and it includes the following features:
      * Gzip content compression when serving pages
      * ZCTextIndex plug-in index
      * Signal Handling and Log Rotation
      * Addition of a new default view setting ability
      * New profiling abilities
      * Improved daemon mode
      * Enhanced text indexing
      * Improved object cache control
      * Automatic browser ID string embedding in URLs
      * Major improvements to BTree and Catalog code
      * i18n translation support for TAL

    You can download Zope 2.6 at:


    Release notes can be found at:


Zope 3.0

    The development of the new Zope 3.0 is proceeding at a good pace,
    there's even [3]talk about an alpha version before the end of the  
    (and by Jim Fulton himself). Meanwhile, Gary Poster has started a
    newsletter to keep the community informed about the development:


    This newsletter is a great effort and should help increase community
    awareness and involvement in this promising project. It even includes
    a [5]glossary to help people get familiar with Zope 3.0 terminology.

The new zope.org

    One problem with Zope that almost everyone acknowledges, has nothing
    to do with the software: the zope.org web site is well, ugly. Several
    efforts to address this during the last couple of years have stalled
    and gone nowhere.

    Happily, this is about to be solved. Zope Corporation's business,
    after all, is consulting, and that and the little matter of putting
    out new releases of Zope and related software now and then kind of
    uses up ZC developers' time. So, instead of adding 'create an all new
    zope.org site' to the todo list of a member of ZC's staff, the  
    has retained the services of an outside developer, Sidnei Da Silva,  
    do the work. In addition, since Guido van Rossum apparently commented
    to the powers-that-be at ZC that he was unhappy with the site, he was
    put in charge of overseeing its development, so we can be sure that
    the new zope.org will really arrive this time.

    According to Guido, the new zope.org will:
      * Use Zope 2.6 with CMF 1.3
      * Use a new skin design, the winner of the zope.org contest
      * Use the new ZCTextIndex search engine
      * Migrate all existing users and as much content as practical

    For Guido's comments on the subject, see:


    Sidnei himself explains the situation here:


ZEO 2.0 and ZODB 3.1

    On October 28, Jeremy Hylton announced the release of ZEO 2.0 and  

    ZEO 2.0 is a more mature release with a new wire protocol and various
    performance and efficiency improvements. ZEO comes together with the
    Standalone ZODB distribution, or you can download it at:


    ZEO users may be pleased to know that Guido van Rossum has written
    some cache instrumentation code which can help determine the right
    size for the client cache. He also would like to get some help with
    the testing. More information can be found here:


    Standalone ZODB is an effort to promote the use of the ZODB in  
    Python applications, and it is clearly gaining momentum. For example,
    it is mentioned in a recent IBM developerWorks article on [10]Python
    Persistence Management. Check out the ZODB standalone release at:


    Jeremy has also posted a [12]ZODB 3.2 release plan.


    On August 6, release 1.3 of the CMF was announced. New features
    include the following:
      * HTML content is now "scrubbed" when edited to remove tags which
        might allow cross-site scripting.
      * PortalFolders can now be workflowed and discussed (neither is
        enabled by default).
      * Tools which provide "actions" now allow editing of those actions
        via the ZMI.
      * The DublinCore modification date is now stored as an explicit
        attribute of content, rather than being inferred from the
        underlying ZODB value.
      * New PathIndex, path, is a standard part of the catalog.
      * New calendar display is now a standard part of the ZPT skins.
      * Filesystem-based skin methods can now have custom role-permission
        mappings, stored in separate .security files.
      * New CachingPolicyManager tool governs HTTP caching headers for

    You can find more information at:


    The CMF is quickly gathering a group of first time Zope users around
    it, because it is so simple to set up a portal site with it. Also,
    more and more developers are contributing products specifically
    created for the CMF. A search in the Zope.org site showed [14]more
    than 30.


    This excellent content management system built on top of Zope and the
    CMF is very near the 1.0 release (which in fact is supposed to happen
    no later than the end of this month). Plone has become the most well
    known Zope application, on the strenght of a great design,
    professionalism and a very active user community.

    The Plone community has a clear plan on what they want Plone to
    accomplish, and they are certainly getting there fast. Not only is
    Plone an excellent product (some would call it [15]the best Open
    Source CMS), it is also easy to install and setup. Also, the plone  
    site seems to always be up to date and constantly announces both  
    happennings and site modifications.

    You can find the latest release of Plone at:


    The Plone community is always looking for talented people to help  
    out with anything from development to testing. You can find more
    information here:


Zope Corporation

    Of course, whatever is news at Zope Corporation, the creators of  
    is interesting stuff for the Zope community. During the past few
    months, maybe the most important announcement by ZC was the departure
    of Paul Everitt from the company to form the new EuroZope Foundation.

    Paul, a co-founder of ZC and the most influential and well-known Zope
    advocate around, has moved to France to head the new foundation,  
    will have the mission of promoting the use of Zope and business
    opportunities in the European communities.

    So far, owing to Paul's busy schedule due to relocation activities  
    previous commitments, little has happened on this front, but the new
    foundation, which will be called Zope Europe instead of EuroZope,  
    very soon be active and promoting Zope growth in Europe.

    Here is a message from October 7 where Paul explains the current


    Another interesting announcement from ZC is the launch by AARP of
    their new Zope-based CMS. This is important because AARP is a big
    organization and their web portal is surely a site we can show around
    when asked who uses Zope. The press release can be found here:


    Last on the ZC front is the announcement made on October 30 that the
    company contracted with the development team of the Squid cache
    software, a popular caching front end for Zope, for the inclusion of
    ESI (edge-side includes) on Squid.

    ESI allows web developers to cache only specific parts of a web page,
    instead of the whole page. This is obviously a great feature for
    highly dynamic web site environments like Zope, and was previously
    available only in commercial application servers.

    Future releases of Zope may include automatic generation of ESI
    directives, similar to the cache control directive generation
    available on current Zope releases. The press release is at:


Zope Zen

    [21]ZopeZen is the most interesting and active Zope site around. If
    you only visit one Zope site this should be it. Andy McKay does a
    great job keeping the site up to date and, unlike the zope.org site,
    ZopeZen uses the latest Zope technology, like Zope 2.5.1, CMF 1.3 and

    This is also the site that gets most community participation, in the
    form of announcements and commentary on Zope news and developments.
    Some recent postings include:
      * Andy created a wondeful tutorial on how he set up the ZopeZen
        site. If you ever wanted to set up a community portal or are just
        interested about setting up a cool Zope site, check out [22]part  
        (setting up), [23]part 2 (customizing plone) and [24]part 3 (more
        Plone hacking).
      * A posting about the new [25]Zope 3 newsletter, originated a
        discussion about community involvement, which in turn made Zope
        Corp's Chris McDonough feel the urge to post a [26]whine about
        whiners. Basically, I feel that Chris, who uses lots of his free
        time to do Zope related work, wanted to make the point that
        precisely the idea of an open source community is that when
        something needs to be done, any member of this community can do
        it, so, if people have the time to whine, why not do something
        more constructive with that time?

Zope in the news

    The most important bit of news these past moths is of course the  
    Journal award for best enterprise application server, which Zope
    Corporation triumphantly announced this August. Congratulations to  
    Zope community members. It is nice to be able to point at this kind  
    stuff when people ask us how good Zope really is.

    Here is the press release:


    And here is the Linux Journal press release:


    Other than this award, Zope has been featured in a number of
    technology articles lately. Here is a sample:

    An [29]overview of the Open Source front from IDG on June 10 mentions
    that the French Ministry of Culture and Communications uses Zope.

    The June issue of Application Development Trends magazine has an
    article about [30]Open Source servers today that mentions how the  
    uses Zope.

    On July 16 an article about [31]the San Diego Union Tribune's  
    division appeared on the connect.org website, explaining how San
    Diego's largest newspaper uses Zope and Open Source to handle 20
    million page views every month.

    The November issue of Linux Productivity Magazine has an
    [32]introductory article about Zope.

    DevShed ran a series of four ZPT basics articles, from September 18  
    October 31. If you need to learn how to use ZPT, have a look at
    [33]Part 1, [34]part 2, [35]part3 and [36]part 4.

Zope Community

    The Zope Community has been hard at work these past months, there is
    much going on, and keeping track of five months of work is really
    hard, so I may be forgetting something really important, but here are
    some links that caught my attention, in no particular order:

    For open source developers who are always looking for something to  
    when somebody wants them to use a Java solution instead of Zope,  
    Partners LLC has published a [37]paper comparing Zope and Cocoon.  
    also have one which compares [38]Python and Java.

    Kapil Thangavelu posted a [39]guide to team development in Zope,
    sharing with us his ideas on how to organize a Zope team while  
    an eye on source management. He followed this great work with another
    article, now focusing on [40]versioning content.

    An interesting list of [41]European governmental sites is displayed  
    this posting from the EuroZope web site.

    Richard Jones published a fairly useful document about [42]optimizing

    Infrae released version 0.8.5 of [43]Silva, a web-based application
    for the creation of structured documents for web or paper publishing.
    Infrae has also published some useful documentation on how they set  
    their own [44]Apache, [45]ZEO and [46]Squid installation.

    The [47]External editor product, by Casey Duncan, continues to take
    the Zope world by storm. If you hate editing text in a browser window
    you have to take a look at this, no matter if you work on Unix or

    [48]XML transform is a product by Ariel Partners that enables Zope
    users to associate an XSLT transformer with an XML document that
    automatically renders the result of the transformation when called.

    Nuxeo released [49]Nuxeo CPS, an open source collaborative content
    management system implemented on top of Zope.

    The [50]Localizer product has reached version 0.9.2. This is a very
    important product for developers who want to create multilingual web

    [51]TextIndexNG, a pluggable index for the ZCatalog, is the most
    complete full text indexing solution for Zope's cataloguing tool. It
    is now on version 1.06.

    [52]Pound is a load balancer and reverse proxy specifically built for
    Zope and ZEO.

    [53]NeoBoard, a next generation threaded message board product for
    Zope, has reached version 1.1a.

    Many people have wondered if ZServer will ever support SSL. Given  
    many users, including Zope Corporation itself, are happy enough using
    Squid or Apache in front of Zope, it is certainly not very likely  
    ZC will make this happen. All is not lost, however, Hajime Nakagami
    has posted version 0.3 of [54]zSSL, a SSL server integrated with


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