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Alex Papajohn (via www.zope.org) alex@enovel.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:11:52 -0500

Dear Sir or Madam,

       I am Chief Operating Officer of eNovel.com, a publisher, retailer and licensor of books in three formats: eBook, print book and audiobook.  Our firm is based in Richmond, Virginia.  We have a tremendous need for full-time and part-time programmers to grow our company. Programmers who work with us may work from their home.  Most of our programs are currently in Perl, Python, and PHP and we are now migrating to ZOPE.  

       Our company cannot afford to pay a salary right now.  Instead, we will pay equity in our company until we can afford to pay salaries.

       If you know of programmers who may be interested in working with our team at eNovel, please have them contact me.  Also, if you have a jobs bulletin, I would appreciate it if you would post this e-mail for public consumption.

       Thank you.

       Kind regards,

       (804) 426-6976

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