[ZWeb] erm assumptions

Heimo Laukkanen huima@fountainpark.org
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 19:47:17 +0200

> Subject: Re: [ZWeb] erm assumptions
> From: Gary Poster <gary@zope.com>
> To: "R. David Murray" <bitz@bitdance.com>
> Cc: zope-web@zope.org
> Date: 16 Nov 2002 17:34:31 -0500
> That's correct--for better or worse, the Zope 3 newsletter is on my own
> prerogative, and not requested, paid for, or officially acknowledged by
> ZC.  As such, if you like or appreciate it, I certainly would like to
> hear about it now and then--maybe even publicly! :-)

Just a question, could it be acknowledged by ZC? Is there any problem 
with that?

I mean I really appreciate the Z3 news letter - it is a great thing and 
fills a
big gap among us mortals. ,-)

I'm no that big fan of authority, but in this kind of networked 
enterprise it is essential to have something or someone to say that hey 
this is where we are going. And more better if that someone or something 
comes from the company that orchestrates the whole deal.

It isn't important - atleast for me - that every single word would be a 
fact by god, approved by Jim or anything similar. News letter is 
reportage of things that happen, and done by someone inside it all. And 
since it is collected by a ZC employee, it also messages that even 
though this is a networked enterprise ZC has a lot in it and they carry 
the leadership.

Just like it should be.

So I think the Zope 3 news letter is a great thing. And it is a good 
thing that it is done by someone in ZC. ,-)