[Zope-Coders] Re: [ZWeb] Updating dev.zope.org (was re: development branch: sanity check)

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey@cuemedia.com
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:38:29 -0700

On Thursday, November 21, 2002, at 12:10  PM, Paul Everitt wrote:

> On jeudi, nov 21, 2002, at 19:15 Europe/Paris, Jeffrey P Shell wrote:
>> (also posting this to zope-web).
>> The front page of the dev site, along with the Zope 2.6 "project", 
>> are a bit out of date.  I can update them, but I need some help 
>> deciding what to update:
> Good catch.
>> Should the Zope 2.6 project link be updated on the front page to say 
>> "development plans for the current release?", with the project being 
>> updated to talk about pending issues for Zope 2.6.1 (ie - fixing 
>> DateTime!)
> That's a good question.  I don't think in the past that we did 
> roadmaps for minor releases, though with the move to community-based 
> development, it is probably helpful.

I was thinking that bug fix releases for 2.6 could be managed inside 
the Zope 2.6 project.  There's nary enough time to update full-scale 
projects as they are, so I think that the bug fixes should be kept 
local.  The front page of the Dev site could point to a page within the 
Zope 2.6 project mentioning "planned fixes for next release" - if there 
are any that can't be found easily in the collector.  But, I'll leave 
such decisions up to those in charge of the development process.  I 
just want to get/keep the front page up to date.

> I vote that a new project be created for 2.6.1, even its contents are 
> empty.  Same for 2.7.  That way as things come up it is clear where to 
> put the information.  I guess this is what you were suggesting.

The problem is that there seems to be two projects claiming to be Zope 
2.7 - granted, the 'support python 2.2' project's name makes it more 
limited in scope, but I imagine most of the work that was done while 
2.7 was forked (during the initial 2.6/2.7 near-joint release plan) was 
started in that one.  How relevant either project is now is hard to 
determine, and starting yet another 2.7 Project wiki could only add to 
the confusion.  :\.

I don't even want to point to a 2.7 project off of the dev.zope front 
page until there's something relevant to point to.  Since the buzz that 
was surrounding it in the summertime has died down completely, I assume 
that many of the initial plans have changed.  Pointing to a page that 
says "Zope 2.7 will come out around the same time - if not before - 
Zope 2.6 because it does xxx and yyy and zzz which are important enough 
to warrant a dual release" seems kind of pointless now.

As a reminder of the URL's:

>> There are also a couple of Zope 2.7 projects.  Neither of them 
>> apparently linked-to properly.  Some consolidation should be probably 
>> done by those closer to the development plans for 2.7 before one of 
>> these gets linked to off of the dev site home page.
>> - http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/SupportPython22/FrontPage
>> - http://dev.zope.org/Wikis/DevSite/Projects/Zope2.7/FrontPage