[ZWeb] zope.org contest?

george donnelly george@zettai.net
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 19:35:55 -0500

well that looks pretty good. not bad at all. seems fine :)

however if there was a new contest i might submit something. i think it
would be interesting to pick multiple designs and let inidividual users
choose which one they like. i know this could get a little complex but maybe
its worth thinking about?

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> From: Sidnei da Silva <sidnei@x3ng.com>
> Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 22:22:57 -0200
> To: george donnelly <george@zettai.net>
> Cc: zope-web@zope.org
> Subject: Re: [ZWeb] zope.org contest?
> The summary is that some good soul made a few mockups for a NZO skin
> and the one choosen can be seen in full action at http://www.zope.ch
> and in semi-stupid-shape-with-a-few-css-on-top at
> http://zope.x3ng.com.br:8080/ZopeOrg
> I dont know if this skin still fills the expectation for the community
> members, but I would not mind if anyone can do a better job at this.
> What about raising a new contest?