[ZWeb] zopenews

Maik Jablonski maik.jablonski@uni-bielefeld.de
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 11:04:54 +0100

george donnelly wrote:
> hi maik
> a month might be a more reasonable target but I am shooting for every 2
> weeks for several reasons:
> 1. things that happen less often than every 1 or 2 weeks seem to fall off
> people's radar screens. 1 month is a long time on the net.

That's true... But thinking in terms of computer magazins "news-corners" 
that's what most people would like to read: not every "little" news, 
only the big ones.

> 2. If we shoot for 2 weeks then it will definitely happen at the latest
> every month. If we shoot for every month, maybe it will happen every 2 or 3
> months.


> 3. Long news'es like the last one are just too long.

Ok, but the last one was a newsletter for a half year.

> 4. I would actually like to have zope news happen daily, in a weblog-ish
> format that is friendly to multiple contributors who can self-service
> contribute as little as one news item and as many as they want/can. (this
> would also be a nice display of how zope can be used to make, admin and
> serve a multi-user, teamwork, groupware, blog app.)

'Zopish' idea! Very good. I thought of the newsletter-workflow how it 
was done until now. That workflow seems to be very hard to maintain so I 
couldn't image how this should be done more often than once in a month...

Ok... I'm convinced: let's publish the news every 2 weeks...

Thanks for your nice explanations,

Cheers, Maik