[ZWeb] Problems with sendmail and attachments

Klimovich Alexander klima@belsoft.by
Wed, 2 Oct 2002 11:54:52 +0300

Hi everybody!

I have a problem with sending attachments using sendmail tag.
This is my file:

<dtml-sendmail mailhost=3D"TOPS_mailhost">
To:<dtml-var mail_addresses>
Subject:<dtml-var mail_subject>

<dtml-mime type=3Dtext/plain encode=3D7bit>
Attached is the document you requested.

<dtml-boundary name=3Dreport.htm type=3Dtext/html =
disposition=3Dattachment encode=3D7bit><dtml-var "_[test]">

<dtml-var mail_text>


'test' is a simple html file. I'm getting an error after processing the =
upper file.
Error is:
Error Type: TypeError
Error Value: expected string or Unicode object, ImplicitAcquirerWrapper =

What's wrong ? Any ideas ?