[ZWeb] REVISIT: Switch zope.org search to google

Olivier DECKMYN Olivier DECKMYN <odeckmyn.list@teaser.fr>
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 14:54:51 +0200

> I'd like to get people's opinions (+1, 0, -1) on the following proposal:

>    "zope.org should make Google the default full-text search and return 
> to Zope relevance
>    searching as soon as it is available."


How can I sell Zope to my customers if _even_ zope.org isn't able to
use the ZCatalog itself ????!!??

> Remember, this isn't construed as a decision, which I think rests with
> Martijn to make.  Rather, I'm looking for what people on this list 
> think, as input to Martijn.

Why don't we focus on finalising NZO project ?